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                關於我們 / About US

                Hengcheng Steel Co., Ltd., established in 2005, under the Heng Steel Group. Hengcheng Steel in 2012 restructuring and expansion, is the predecessor of Heng Steel Group, the company after years of development, has been built with corrosion-resistant research and development, wear-resistant materials Research and development, anti-acid-base corrosion research and development, galvanized and Pre-painted production, steel production one of the large iron and steel enterprise groups. Group industrial park covers an area of 800,000 square meters. Equipped with professional quality testing center and steel corrosion resistance R & D center. Is the governing unit of China Corrosion Research Institute , member units of China wear-resistant materials exchange center. Many times to obtain the Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, Shandong Province quality pacesetter honor.
                Hengcheng Steel in 2010 in the original galvanized line on the basis of a new galvalume production line. Equipped with Anti Finger Print equipment, can produce and process a variety of colors of Anti Finger Print Galvalume Coil. Product appearance three-dimensional sense of strong, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali is galvanized volume ten times. Production width can reach 1525 meters.
                In 2015 the company in the original plant built a new Pre-painted line, mainly engaged in high-end color coated plate production. For example: PVDF and Nano-insulation plate research and development and production. Machinable Cover Film,Embossed,Printing and other processes, the production of the maximum thickness of color coated up to 1.5MM.
                The company's corrugated tile machine 38, according to customer needs corrugated tile. The maximum thickness can be corrugate to 1.2MM.

                Learn More

                ? Coating industry leader!
                ? China Iron and Steel Institute of corrosion and weather resistance member!
                ? China Metallurgical Institute of the governing units!
                ? The only company that dares to promise a ten-year warranty!
                ? 24-hour customer service!

                產品中心 / Products

                先進的生產設備 / 領他是先的加工技術



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