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                Cold Rolled Coil

                1 Specification: Material SPCC-E, DX51D+Z



                Material SPCC-E, DX51D+Z, DC01-06, ST12,1006,1008...
                Thickness 0.2-1.8 mm
                Thickness tolerance +/- 0.02 mm
                Width 600-1250mm
                Color Bright
                Pull strength 390 Mpa
                Yield strength 280 Mpa
                Elongation Rate 34%
                Cold bending test 180 degree
                Place of Origin Shangdong, China (Mainland)
                Technique Cold rolled
                Surface  Treatment Polished and can be galvanized
                Application Container Plate
                Special Use High-strength steel pipe
                Minimum Order Quantity 10 Tons
                Port The port of Qingdao
                Packing Plastic packing for inner side, steel strip wrapped in bundle, and protected with wooden pallet
                Delivery time 20 days after receiving deposit
                Payment Terms L/C, T/T, 30% TT and balance before loading




                Infrastructure: Building & Construction: Roofing; Terrace; Window Frame; Door: Rolling-up Door; Shutter; Mobile House;Interior Decorations: Wall; Door Frame; Steel Structure; Screen; Ceiling; Elevator;


                Household Appliances : Fridge; Washing Machine; Microwave Oven; Air-Conditioner; Duplicating Machine, etc;


                Transportation : Auto Panel; Interior Decorative Panel; Carriage Panel;





                Surface and dimensional accuracy








                excellent workability

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